Thursday, September 23, 2010

'Sesame Street' Takes Katy Perry Off The Air Because Of Her Clevage

We all know Katy Perry loves to show cleavage, so no one should have been surprised when she appeared on Seseme Street with her breasts on full display. But some parents were surprised. Some were even angry about Katy Perry showing so much cleavage while doing a  "Hot N Cold," parody with Elmo. Looks like they don't want there toddlers the same part of the body they were sucking on just months ago.
Anyway after the parents got pissed Seseme Street got scared and decided not to show the clip during a new year's episode. Sorry kids, no boobs for you. At least you still get Elmo, who, doesn't wear any pants if you have not noticed.

Here's the clip

The only other time this has happened was in February 2007 when Sesame Street yanked a duet with Elmo and Chris Brown. He must have been showing to much cleavage too