Sunday, September 26, 2010

Make your own K2 incense blends.

A lot of people are hearing about k2, serenity now, and other herbal incense mixtures, and are becoming aware that jwh-018, a chemical fertilizer, commonly used for bonsai trees, is the main ingredient that demands such a high price, and causes the blends to have such a unique aroma.

What a lot of people don't know, is that it is a simple matter to make your own incense blends for 1/10th the cost!

Disclaimer!!! This is solely an informational document about making inexpensive incense blends for the home.

How its done...

First of all, you must obtain 1 gram of JWH-018. There are several vendors. you'll be looking at spending between $50 and $70. Check google.

You'll want to obtain some good herbal substrate. K2, Serenity now, and other use complex herb mixtures, but I would recommend either mullein or marshmallow leaves as a substrate. they are very mellow, burn smoothly, and have a nice aroma. Get a pound, it's super cheap, usually like 10-20 dollars, and that is enough to do SEVERAL batches.

You'll need some acetone. Just be ABSOLUTELY certain it doesn't contain any denaturing agents. If it contains them, you're gonna have a bad time! The ones listed below are free of denaturing agents!

You'll also need an acetone proof spray bottle. This is important. Acetone will eat like acid through most plastics. You want, preferably a high density poly-ethylene (HDPE) spray bottle. Again, I have some good acetone safe spray bottles listed below

You'll also need a measuring cup that will do ml's.

a scale that can weigh around 100g accurately.

and a glass baking dish.

First, measure out 4ml of acetone, and dissolve your gram of jwh-018 into it. If it wont completely disovle, add acetone a little at a time until it does, then place the acetone in the spray bottle. (Okay, I've received a lot of questions about this, 4ml IS enough to disolve the jwh-018, but it is a small amount to use in the spray bottle, especially if using a larger spray bottle. If you wish to make it easier to handle, increase the amount of acetone to ~50ml. This will not effect the potency of your blend, it will just take it longer to dry. OR alternatively, you can look for a smaller hdpe spray bottle.)

The amount of herb that you use will define the strength of the mixture. 100g will make it 10mg/g, which is a little on the weak side, and 50g will make it 20mg/g which is quite strong, like k2 summit. I prefer somewhere in the middle so I usually use 75 grams of herb which makes it about 15 mg/g.

However much you decide to use, spread it out in your glass baking dish.

Now this is the most dangerous part. You must spray the leaves as evenly as possible, or you can get "hotspots" or localized areas in your mixture that have much higher concentrations of jwh-018 that can be dangerous. So, set your spray nozzle to as fine a spray as possible, and spray a few times to just moisten the surface, stir up your leaves, spray again, stir, spray again, and so on until all the acetone is gone.

Then set the baking dish in a cool dry place until all the smell from the acetone is gone. I usually leave it overnight. It is very important that all of the acetone is evaporated, acetone isn't good for you!

Once it is dry, you have your very own jwh-018 incense blend.

I don't know if you were keeping track, but at $60 a gram for the jwh, $20 a pound for the marshmallow, a few dollars for the acetone, that means it costs just a touch more than $1 a gram. Compare this to k2 summit at $10 a gram, and you can see the money you save. For less than $100 you can make just over 2 and a half ounces of high potency incense blend.

Have fun!

Pure Acetone 

Needs to be absolutely pure so it doesn't leave GAK in your incense


Glass Ware 

Nice glass makes measuring and drying MUCH easier

Pyrex Bakeware 8-Inch Square Cake Pan, Clear
Pyrex Grip-Rite 3-Quart Oblong Baking Dish Clear
Glass Cylinder 10ml


You have to measure your substrate by weight, not volume.



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